Greenlight Group LLC

Integrated Mission Solutions

Greenlight provides security, logistics, and embedded contractor support in the us and abroad.

Contractor Logistics Support

Greenlight provides full scale Logistics services to the government and private sectors. We provide traditional logistics and warehousing services such as staffing, marking, packaging, crating, inventory management, shipping and transportation. We also provide full base camp support and wrap-around facility services.

Embedded Contractor Support

Greenlight provides embedded contractors to fill mission critical positions and manage or augment government and select private programs. Our standards and quality assurance ensure staffing of the most qualified and diligent team members for our client’s programs.

Global Support and Management

Greenlight Group excels above industry standard in tailored logistical and operational requirements for all clients. This includes operations officers and integrators to streamline workflows, maximizing efficiency to meet goals within project deadlines. We plan, develop, initiate, and monitor on-ground requirements while maintaining transparency with our clients.

Security Guard and Patrol Services

Greenlight understands the importance of maintaining a secure and safe environment for your business, employees, and assets. Our team is committed to delivering reliable and effective security guard or protection agent solutions tailored to meet your specific needs whether they be corporate, government or private in nature.







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