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By partnering with industry experts, we can better satisfy requirements in a timely and direct manner. Needing support in multiple domains may require several different specialty providers. If a mission function does not fall immediately within our capabilities, we will place you in direct contact with the experts that can satisfy your requirements.

By “cutting out the middle-man,” this allows mission leaders to receive the services they need, direct from the experts.We “cut out the middle-man” to allow Security and Risk Leaders to receive the services they need, direct from the experts.

Our Team.

Bonham Consulting’s founders, former Special Operations Senior Counterintelligence and Human Intelligence professionals, teamed up with Greenlight to provide unique mission support to our clients.

Long ago, Bonham Consulting recognized a dire need to educate the private and public sector on the threats posed to intellectual property, sensitive information, facilities, and most importantly, themselves while they traverse a global threat environment. Bonham’s founders have over 40 years of combined experience in Counterintelligence, Human Intelligence, Electronic Warfare, Intelligence Analysis & Production, Executive Briefings, Identity Management, Signature Reduction, and management of personnel focused on combating Foreign Intelligence Officers, International Terrorist Organizations, and hostile military entities. This translates into an in-depth understanding of how to prioritize information, make timely decisions, and help ensure businesses get the results they need in the US and abroad.

Bonham Consulting consistently adheres to strict quality and privacy standards; ensuring our relationship and work remain secured, unbiased, relevant, accurate, and focused on what you care about.

HARDPOINT Technologies, LLC is a small business that specializes in providing tactical and intelligence support services.

BAT DEFENSE is dedicated to providing the highest level of security & training across the operational spectrum including protection training, advanced shooting, and aerial target interdiction.