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Program Management & Operational Oversight
Don’t be overwhelmed by the extensive, and sometimes exhausting, responsibilities and avenues that can encompass a corporate security department. Our regional security services are provided through a vetted multi-layered network of assets, maintained in the fields that are required for businesses to succeed quickly in different areas of focus. By taking a Program Management approach we will ensure that your companies security parameters are met. We will Plan, develop, initiate, monitor, adjust, and communicate necessary information before, during, and after trips to ensure all key leaders are informed of any pertinent information. Dependent on the organization, Vantage International will perform quarterly program reviews with client leadership to ensure current program standards are being met and to adjust program requirements if necessary.

Through our formal partnership program, we can provide a direct liaison to an extensive contact list of expert consultants and/or companies, tapping into a wide range of unique specialties and services needed to enhance corporate enterprises. At request of the client Vantage can assign an experienced project officer to manage all partnership functions, integrating multiple services into a single project, with oversight we can manage partnership service requirements ensuring that all service support is handled under one Project Officer that oversees the project from start to finish.
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