Security Guard and Patrol Services

Security Guard and Patrol Services

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Greenlight understands the importance of maintaining a secure and safe environment for your business, employees, and assets. Our team is committed to delivering reliable and effective security guard or protection agent solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

Uniformed Security Guards

Event Security Services

Fire Watch

Access Control 

Patrolling and Surveillance

Loss Prevention

Residential Security Team

Plain Clothes Security

Incident Reporting

Customized Security Solutions

Security Licensing

Colorado – Armed Private Security Employer, 2023-BFN-0028045

California – Private Patrol Operator, 121909, 260 Newport Ctr Dr, Suite 100

Florida – Security Agency, B3000036

Texas – Private Security, B22999801

GSA Schedule Holder

SIN 561612 Protective Service Occupations

SIN 561599 Travel Consulting Services

SIN 541614 Deployment, Distribution and Transportation Logistics Services



Greenlight Group LLC orchestrates sophisticated mission solutions, aligning trusted individuals, capabilities, and partners to achieve your goals with precision.

Our Approach

Greenlight employs a proactive and collaborative approach to security. Our guards are trained, licensed professionals who prioritize prevention and quick response to any security incidents. We leverage technology and industry best practices to ensure a comprehensive security strategy. All security personnel undergo State required training programs that meet industry standards. Our guards are trained in conflict resolution, emergency response, and customer service, ensuring they are well-equipped to handle various situations with professionalism and efficiency.


Technology Integration

We utilize enterprise applications that streamline scheduling, assignment, and real-time reporting of guards in the field to the latest industry standard. This allows us to provide a layered security approach and enhances our ability to monitor and respond to potential threats effectively. We understand that every client is unique. Our team will work closely with you to tailor security services to your specific needs and challenges, providing a personalized and effective security solution.






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